Small rod anchors

Areas of use:

Viticulture, orcharding, special crops, tree anchoring, wall trellises


-  Permanent or temporary anchoring in different types of undisturbed soil, except for rocky soil and bedrock
-  Limited use also in heavy soils, insofar as the shaft is not deformed due to torsion during the screwing-in process
-  The anchor is screwed in manually by inserting a rod through the eyelet (see also category "Tools/Screwing-in Tools")


-  Reusable because the anchor can be screwed out again at the eyelet.

Holding strength:

-  0.3 - 4.9 kN, depending on the type of soil, screw-in depth and disc diameter  --> Holding strength table



Small rod anchors

Length Shaft Ø Disc Eyelet Version Surface Item no. kg/piece
400 10 80x2,5 open smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-227 small rod anchor 400 / 80x2,5 / 10 0,40
500 10 80x2,5 open smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-228 small rod anchor 500 / 80x2,5 / 10  * 0,50
700 10 80x2,5 open smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-201 small rod anchor 700 / 80x2,5 / 10 0,65

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