Glienke-Hemmerlein – 
is your partner for anchoring solutions and constructive metalworking

As Germany’s leading manufacturer of screw anchor technology, we have been developing and producing high-quality anchoring solutions for various applications since 1955.

Do you require an anchoring point on open terrain? No matter whether it’s for a vineyard system, overhead cables or a photovoltaic plant – we can provide the right solution! As the developer of the screw anchor, we offer you reliable anchoring solutions – without the need for concrete – that can be loaded immediately.  Deep grounding rods and sheet pile wall anchors round off the product range.

The metalworking department is your powerful partner for any special construction projects – from patio roofing, stairwells or balconies through to fence and gate systems and much more. We produce, supply and install products according to your specifications in aluminium, steel (primed and hot-dip galvanised) and stainless steel.
In addition, we offer customised solutions and special components for the mechanical engineering sector. 
Our company and our products stand out because of our long-standing experience, up-to-date expertise, precision in all work processes and outstanding value for money.
We would be delighted to provide you with in-depth advice on our products and develop a solution for your specific requirements together with you.

We offer the following:

Anchoring solutions for all types of application:

  • Agriculture and forestry management 
  • Industry
  • Overhead line construction
  • Sewer and pipeline construction
  • Hobby and sport
  • Photovoltaics

Special applications

  • Deep grounding rods
  • Metalworking shop
  • Industry services

Our promise to you:

  • The use of high-quality tested steels
  • Modern machines ensure precise mechanical processing
  • Strict quality controls guarantee the best products
  • Comprehensive and expert advice – also provided at your company or home if required
  • Reliable execution and delivery
  • High level of flexibility
  • Sustainable production
  • The best quality at a fair price

With tradition into the future

The companies “Metalltechnik Hemmerlein” and “Glienke Gerätebau GmbH” can both look back on long traditions.

The company “Glienke Gerätebau GmbH” was already a developer and manufacturer of screw anchor systems in 1955. 

The company “Metalltechnik Hemmerlein” has manufactured and machined steel, aluminium and stainless steel parts using the latest equipment for over 20 years.

In November 2017, the two companies merged to form “Glienke-Hemmerlein Metall GmbH”.

Both companies complement each other perfectly and offer a comprehensive service. The merger of the two companies has increased the range of services and raised the quality to a whole new level:
We are now ready to support you with our combined strength and bundled expertise!

Our future 

lies in the continuous development of our company. In this process, the advancement and qualification of our employees – especially the training of qualified experts – is very important to us.

Sustainability shapes our approach!

We handle resources in a responsible manner. Our development is shaped by economic and ecological aspects. Our products stand out due to their inexpensive production on machines using the latest technology, the use of renewable energies (e.g. photovoltaics) and the complete recyclability of our products and production waste!





Foundation of the company Langer, Glienke & Co. based in Stuttgart
Managing Partners: Richard Langer, Berta Glienke and Gregor Himmelfarb
Product Range:
Production and sale of screw anchors and hand augers developed by Richard Langer – one of the company's founders
Relocation of the company to Leinfelden
Development of the earth auger (Trumpf and Trumpf-V)


Ruth Czetto takes over from Gregor Himmelfarb as managing director
Development of the ground anchor with pull rope and wrench (V-disc)
Relocation of the company to Lauffen am Neckar 


Development of the screw-in ground anchor (= D-anchor)
Approval of the screw anchor (permanent anchor) by the “German Telecommunication Engineering Authority” in Darmstatt. This permanent anchor has been used by the former Federal Post Office and the current Deutsche Telekom since then.


Name of the company changed to: Glienke & Co. GmbH


Development of the tent anchor (= rod anchor)


Development of the connection piece to connect an anchoring disc and the end of the tension wire (= wire eyelet) 


Development of wire tighteners (= Spannfein and Spannfix) 


Development of the anchoring element (= Langofix)


Development of the deep grounding rods (deep grounding rod with tapered roller) 


Renaming of the company as Glienke Gerätebau GmbH


Foundation of the company Metalltechnik Hemmerlein, Lauffen am Neckar, by Andreas Hemmerlein


Takeover of the company Glienke Gerätebau GmbH by the Hille family
Managing Director:  Hans-Christian Hille


Takeover of the company Bemberg, Lauffen am Neckar, by the company Metalltechnik Hemmerlein.
Expansion of the scope of production to include sheet metal forming, machine components, industrial sieves


Takeover of the company “Glienke Gerätebau GmbH” by Andreas Hemmerlein 
Managing Director: Andreas Hemmerlein
 Merger of the companies “Glienke Gerätebau GmbH” and “Metalltechnik Hemmerlein” to form:
GLIENKE-Hemmerlein Metall GmbH based at:  Heilbronner Str. 93, 74348 Lauffen am Neckar
Managing Director: Andreas Hemmerlein