Drive-in anchors

Areas of use:

Viticulture, orcharding,tree anchoring, special crops, ...
Alternatively, spiral anchors can also be used for this application.


-  Permanent anchoring in very stony soil
-  Especially suitable for areas where screw anchors cannot be used
Alternatively, spiral anchors can also be used for these applications.

-  The stonier the soil, the higher the Holding strength of the drive-in anchor due to the connection between the anchor and the soil

Holding strength:

-  Dependent on the type of soil and insertion depth
-  The more stones found in the soil, the greater the Holding strength of the drive-in anchor

Please note:  Higher stone content in the soil will make the screwing in process more difficult and classification is thus not possible. The effective Holding strength at the intended installation site can only be determined in a field test by the customer.

Installation tip:

The drive-in anchor is driven into the earth using an impact tool (e.g. a hammer). The drive-in anchor is then turned by 90° in a clockwise direction (e.g. using a nail puller).
Twisting the drive-in anchor makes the anchor blades bend horizontally to create a resistant surface that transfers the extraction forces into the surrounding soil. This effect is enhanced further by stony soils.

Drive-in anchors

Length Shaft Ø Version Surface Item no. kg/piece
750 12 ribbed hot-dip galvanised 1-211 BS drive-in anchor 750 / 12 0,93
1000 14 ribbed hot-dip galvanised

1-212 BS drive-in anchor 1000 / 14


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