Spiral anchor

Areas of use:

Viticulture, orcharding, wall trellises, tree anchoring, raised hides, ...


-  Permanent or temporary anchoring in soil covered in root systems and stones
-  Especially suitable for areas where screw anchors cannot be used.
Alternatively, drive-in anchors can also be used for these applications.


-  The anchor is subjected to less resistance due to its spiral-shaped design. It can be screwed in manually using a rod inserted into the eyelet or also mechanically.
-  The anchor is reusable because it can be screwed out again at the eyelet.

Holding strength:

-  Dependent on the type of soil and screw-in depth
-  The more stones found in the soil, the greater the Holding strength of the inserted anchor

Please note: Higher stone content in the soil will make the screwing in process more difficult and classification is thus not possible. The effective Holding strength at the intended installation site can only be determined in a field test.

Spiral anchor

Length Shaft Ø Eyelet Version Surface Item no. kg/piece
980 14 open smooth painted 1-220 spiral anchor 980 / 14 / LA 1,80

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