Wire Tensioner

Areas of use:

Viticulture, orcharding, wall trellises, fence construction ... (long wire systems)


- For long wire systems
- For retightening installed wires

- The wire tighteners can be retrofitted into the wire system at any time
- They enable the easy retightening of the wires using a tightening key
- Able to accommodate large lengths of wire due to the wide winding shaft
- Hot-dip galvanised in accordance with EN ISO 1461
- Long service life

Please note:

No direct sale of Spannfix and Spannfein! These products are exclusively available via our sales partners.
We will be pleased to provide you with the details of the sales partner for our products in your area.

1 PU = 100 pcs.

Spannfix wire tightener

Product Area of application Surface Item no. kg/piece
Spannfix for long wire systems hot-dip galvanised 5-167  * 0,05

* Packaging unit: 1 PU = 1 pack of 100 pieces (5 kg)

Tools and accessories:

Description Area of application Item no. kg/piece
Tightening key for Spannfix and Spannfein 5-169 0,25

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