Foil tunnel anchors

Areas of use:

Orcharding, vegetable growing, special crops ...


-  Suitable for light, medium-heavy and heavy arable soil
-  Anchoring of permanently installed tunnel systems
-  Anchoring of flexibly used foil tunnels
-  The anchor is screwed in using a wrench. 


-  Quick screwing in and removal of the anchor with an optimal, even inclination
-  The anchors enable the film tunnel to be easily repositioned multiple times during a vegetation period 
-  The tensioning ropes are protected by the rounded tensioning hooks
-  Quick mounting due to the rounded tensioning hooks

Holding strength:

2 - 15 kN, depending on the type of soil, screw-in depth and disc diameter  --> Holding strength table 

Special version:

We would be pleased to produce an anchor suitable for your tunnel system and the surrounding soil.
Simply let us know your requirements and dimensions so that we can provide you with a corresponding recommendation.

Foil tunnel anchors

Length Shaft Ø Disc Hook Version Surface Item no. kg/piece
1000 33,7x2 150x2,5 open smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-338 foil tunnel anchor 1000 / 150x2.5 / 33.7x2 1,92

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