Fire safety assistants at Glienke-Hemmerlein are fully up-to-date

The fire safety assistants at GLIENKE-Hemmerlein Metall GmbH have just received new training!

In accordance with the statutory regulations set out in the German workplace guidelines, all fire safety assistants are now fully up-to-date. The theoretical section of the training course held on-site at the company covered the fundamental and company-specific requirements, as well as the dangers that may arise and how to act in the event of a fire.  The participants listened attentively to Hans-Jürgen Dörr, an occupational safety specialist from the Guild of Craftsmen for the Heilbronn-Öhringen District, as he described the preventative measures that should be taken to prevent incipient fires in the workplace. However, it was the practical part of the training course that was highly anticipated. In the courtyard at the company, each participant was handed a fire extinguisher and did their best to put out a controlled fire.  The participants were rewarded with a certificate as a fire safety assistant.

Many thanks to Mr. Dörr for the interesting training course!