Welding exam passed!

We congratulate all participants on the successful completion of their exams! As a result, every single employee involved in production at Glienke-Hemmerlein Metall now holds a valid welding qualification!

The exams were held on 21/04/2018 on-site in the operating areas at the company.
Valid welding qualifications are a fundamental requirement in many sectors for carrying out welding work and help to ensure quality. Successfully completing the welding exam qualifies a welder to carry out high-quality and challenging welding work.
In order to satisfy the requirements to carry out examinations regularly, we hold our welding exams on a regular basis at the company for all employees involved in production in cooperation with the DVS - Heilbronn Branch.
Specialist teaching content is also provided alongside the practical application. The welders completed exercises and production tasks under similar conditions to those experienced when they take the welding exams.

3 welding methods were tested:  111 manual arc welding; 135-MAG; 141-WIG.
In the process, blunt, fillet and pipe welds were examined.

Many thanks to the DVS and especially Mr. Gutöhrle for the good working relationship!