Glienke - Deep grounding tips

A grounding system consists of a deep grounding tip, multiple grounding rods connected together and a connecting piece or connecting clip.

The grounding system is connected up via a ball press connection. For this purpose, the top end of the rod is twisted into a pin with an inserted steel ball. The lower end of the rod has a drilled hole for inserting the pin on the next grounding rod or the grounding tip. The rods are connected by simply placing them on top of one another and hitting them together. This ensures that the ball securely pressed into the tip creates an unbreakable ball press connection. Intermediate metal inserts used in standard grounding systems are not required. This ball press connection creates a proper electrical contact and the best possible mechanical connection.

Areas of use:

Mast systems, communication technology, transformer systems, lightning protection systems, electrical systems, ...


- For grounding in all types of soil, except bedrock
- The grounding resistance is dependent on the type of soil, humidity and temperature.


- The resistance can be measured immediately after driving in the rods
  because the structure of the soil is not disturbed by the installation process.

Please note: 1 packaging unit (PU) = 50 pcs.

Deep grounding tip Ø 20 mm

Description Rod Ø (mm) Surface Item no. kg/piece
Deep grounding tip, type 20 20 hot-dip galvanised 3-400 0,04
Deep grounding tip, type 20 in stainless steel 20 V4A 3-400 V4A 0,04


Deep grounding tip Ø 25 mm

Description Rod Ø (mm) Surface Item no. kg/piece
Deep grounding tip, type 25 25 hot-dip galvanised 3-401 0,07
Deep grounding tip, type 25 25 V4A 3-401 V4A 0,07

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