Hexagonal hammer inserts (22x108)

Areas of use:

Mast systems, communication technology, transformer systems, lightning protection systems, electrical systems, ...


In the case of smaller grounding systems, the grounding rods can be driven into the soil by hand using a plastic soft-faced hammer and the appropriate impact head.
If the grounding rods are being installed in large numbers, it is worth using a sledgehammer with a corresponding hammer insert.


- The most important advantage offered by deep grounding rods in comparison to standard grounding straps --> easy installation without the need for earthmoving work

Hammereinsatz Sechskant (22x108)

Description Surface Item no. kg/piece
Hammer insert Ø 20 mm hexagonal (22x108) Burnished 3-623 1,056
Hammer insert Ø 25 mm hexagonal (22x108) Burnished 3-624 1,042

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