Mounting anchors

Areas of use:

Tree anchoring, overhead line construction, scaffolding, wind measurement towers, wind turbines, boat anchoring, slacklines, etc.


-  Permanent or temporary anchoring in all types of undisturbed soil, except for rocky soil and bedrock
-  The anchor is screwed in manually by inserting the screwing-in tool through the eyelet
(the screwing-in tool can be found under “Wire tighteners and tools”)

Please note:

Standard for all mounting anchors:
- Hot-dip galvanised version (painted versions available on request - suffix: “LA”)
- Spiral-shaped disc (other special types of disc are available on request)

(For disc versions, see “Technical information”/winding discs)

Holding strength:

8 - 88 kN, depending on the type of soil, screw-in depth and disc diameter --> Holding strength table



Mounting anchors

Standard version: hot-dip galvanised / spiral-shaped disc (also see “Technical information”)

Length Shaft Ø Disc Eyelet Version Surface Item no. kg/piece
1200 18 150x4 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-301 foil tunnel anchor 1200/150x4/18/GÖ 3,20
1000 20 200x4 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-300 foil tunnel anchor 1000/200x4/20/GÖ 3,89
1500 25 140x6 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-302 foil tunnel anchor 1500/140x6/25/GÖ 7,00
1500 25 160x6 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-304 foil tunnel anchor 1500/160x6/25/GÖ 7,10
1500 25 200x6 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-305 foil tunnel anchor 1500/200x6/25/GÖ 7,60
1800 30 160x6 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-306 foil tunnel anchor 1800/160x6/30/GÖ 12,00
1800 30 200x6 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-307 foil tunnel anchor 1800/200x6/30/GÖ 12,50
1800 30 250x8 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-308 foil tunnel anchor 1800/250x8/30/GÖ 13,80
2000 35 300x8 closed smooth hot-dip galvanised 1-309 foil tunnel anchor 2000/300x8/35/GÖ 20,30

      Accessories for connection with wire rope    

Width (b) Groove width (c) Length Version Item no. kg/piece
Shaft clip (thimble 70 S, DIN 43154) for Ø 18, 20, 25 mm anchors 40 11 65 hot-dip galvanised 5-194 0,09
Shaft clip (thimble) for Ø 30, 35 mm anchors 54 20 80 hot-dip galvanised 5-190 0,29

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