Our metal worker is top of the class

A metal worker from the company Glienke-Hemmerlein was top of the class in recent exams

We congratulate Ruwen Ehmer on passing his journeyman’s exams!

As top of the class in the winter 2017/2018 journeyman’s exams in the specialist field of metal working, our employee Ruwen Ehmer received a special distinction from the Guild of Craftsmen for the Heilbronn-Öhringen District.

In the third year of his apprenticeship in 2017, Ruwen Ehmer already participated in the “Young Welders” district competition organised by the German Welding Society (Deutschen Verband für Schweißen und verwandte Verfahren DVS e. V.), where he achieved a first place ranking and a place in the state competition. Thanks to his earlier training as a “CNC Specialist for Metal”, he is also very familiar with the production of CNC milled and turned parts using the latest production technologies. 

During a work placement in England at a metalworking company in Warwick near to Birmingham, he gained experience in other production technologies and gained many new insights. This work placement was supported by the “Be Europe” exchange programme for apprentices offered by the Baden-Württemberg Confederation Of Skilled Crafts (BWHT) and, of course, by his training company.

We are proud of this fantastic achievement and are delighted that Ruwen Ehmer will continue to support our team. We wish him all the best for the future!