Customised products

A tried-and-tested principle – new applications! New applications for quick and reversible anchoring without having to place concrete materials into the ground are constantly being found. As a result, screw anchors with corresponding adaptations are often used today instead of costly concrete foundations.

The advantages of screw anchoring:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • The anchor can be immediately loaded after it is screwed into the earth
  • Low weight in comparison to concrete foundations
  • Residue-free removal and recyclability
  • High level of flexibility
  • Long service life due to hot-dip galvanising

Simply let us know your “anchoring problem” so that we can find a customised anchoring solution together.

Holding capacity table

You can use the holding capacity table to determine the resistance of our screw anchors. The values were determined in numerous practical tests and thus offer practitioners a good basis for planning as a decision-making aid.

You can use the following holding capacity table to determine the size of your screw anchor. 

Please note when determining the desired length of the anchor that between approx. 10 and 20 cm should be added to the stated screw-in depth for the anchor depending on the type of anchor to take account of the eyelet and the distance to the winding disc. 


Holding capacity table